Learn Your Local Car Dealer’s Best-Kept Secret

This one thing will change the way you buy or lease used vehicles and will both save, and make, you money. For some, owning just the right vehicle is a point of pride; perhaps even the marker of an item knocked off of a long-held bucket list. For others, it can be a necessary evil; […]

Why Clear Coat Repair Is Important

When people drive their cars on the streets, they want them to look elegant. They are, however, interested in understanding methods of maintaining this lovely appearance for longer in a cost effective way. Clear coat repair is one of the methods that guarantee any car the most elegant appearance for a longer period of time. […]

The New Year is here. Start it right.

The New Year is here and you know what that means: Out with the old, and in with the new! Old, weathered car finish? Fix it! Foggy headlights? Clear them up! Scuffs, scratches, and chips? Smooth them out and restore your car to the new condition it had when rolling off the factory floor with […]