Paintless Clearcoat Repair

A RestorFX Technician wearing a mask chemically restoring a vehicle's damaged paint surface

RestorFX is a professionally-applied chemical process that works to reactivate, rejuvenate and permanently restore the original factory finish of your vehicle. This system will remove 99% of all damage within the clear coat of your vehicle to restore it to a like-new condition.

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  • CAD495
  • CAD595
  • CAD695

Headlight Restoration

Clear and shiny headlight of a black car

The RestorFX Headlight Repair system removes past damage, restores lens clarity and provides ultraviolet (UV) protection against future fading and damage.

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  • CAD150
    One Pair

Trim Restoration

A RestorFX Technician wiping off the plastic trim of a car door as part of restoring it

FX Trim works to saturate trim surface materials and return full depth of color to petrified and/or degraded exterior plastic vehicle accents (bumpers, moldings, weather strips and others).

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  • CAD40
    Complete Vehicle (Starting at)

Panel Work

A RestorFX Technician wet sanding the side panel of a vehicle to prepare for RestorFX application

If you've had a minor incident—whether it be stone chips, scratches or other forms of clear coat damage—RestorFX can restore the surface of your vehicle to like-new condition at its absolute best, while avoiding the often expensive yet low-quality and devaluing process of a body shop repair or repainting.

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  • CAD150
    1st panel
  • CAD59
    Additional  (per panel)


A clean and shiny motorcycle showing its brilliant red tank and fender

RestorFX has developed an entire system to cater to your motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV and other powersport machines. We can revive and replenish the original condition of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastics, paint and other materials used in motorsport vehicles.

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  • CAD250
    Full Exterior (Starting at)


ClearFX Exterior

A RestorFX Technician protecting the painted surface of a brilliant yellow sports car with ClearFX Exterior product

ClearFX protects and enhances your exterior finish through a solution that reengineers its surface structure. You will see improved:

  • Scratch resistance;
  • UV protection;
  • Protection against contaminants and water; and
  • Increase in gloss and definition.

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  • CAD495
  • CAD595
  • CAD695

ClearFX Interior

A RestorFX Technician protecting the leather console of a yellow sports car with ClearFX Interior product

ClearFX Interior increases the strength, resilience and longevity of your vehicle's interior leather and vinyl surfaces. It will protect your leather and vinyl from future cracking, fading or damage caused by environmental and physical factors; and will prolong the life of treated materials.

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  • CAD125
    Full Interior (Starting at)

ClearFX Wheels

A RestorFX Technician protecting the black rim on the wheel of a yellow sports car with ClearFX Wheels product

ClearFX Wheels applied to automotive rims provides resistance against damage caused by harsh conditions of the road and daily driving. It increases color definition and durability, while reducing maintenance requirements. It also helps protect automotive rims from general degradation and lessens the effort required to clean, rinse and remove wheel/brake-related contaminants.

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  • CAD200
    Full Set

ClearFX Refine

Front of a shiny, reflective and brilliant silver car with beading rain drops on the hood, headlight and side

ClearFX Refine is engineered to act both as an optional additional layer on top of ClearFX Exterior for added slickness and hydrophobicity; and as a refreshing top coat/maintenance service for previous ClearFX applications as a means to rejuvenate, replenish and ultimately reinstate attogenetic protection and extreme hydrophobic effects after the initial intense effects of ClearFX have normally diminished over time or from extensive use/exposure.

  • CAD150
    Starting at


Is RestorFX just like detailing a car?

RestorFX isn't like detailing a car. It is an extensive system designed to restore and replenish your vehicle's original youthful or like-new appearance. RestorFX has many products and systems designed to restore, recondition and improve your vehicle inside and out. Review our services to learn more about available options for your vehicle.

What is Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR)?

Paintless Clearcoat Repair—also known as PCR—is the terminology we use in the industry to describe the type of service that RestorFX is. A RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Repair service is paint finish restoration and scratch repair without repainting.

Can I have the inside and outside of my vehicle restored?

The RestorFX polymimetic process for your automobile's exterior paint cannot be used for interior surfaces. For interiors, we use the Numbers line by RestorFX. It is an all-inclusive automotive maintenance line designed to replenish, revitalize and recondition an array of surfaces. Numbers will clean, condition and protect both the inside and exterior of your vehicle.

What is the difference between RestorFX and ClearFX?

RestorFX is an advanced surface restoration product, while ClearFX is an advanced surface protection line of products. Both offer tremendous results in each field of classification and industry performance. ClearFX strengthens and improves durability of any surface, including RestorFX's surfaces or standard paint finishes.

Does RestorFX fix scratches?

RestorFX repairs any scratch that is within the clear-coat layer of automotive painted surfaces. Any scratch that penetrates beyond the clear-coat and into the base color of the vehicle will not be removed 100%.

Does RestorFX repair body damage?

RestorFX doesn't repair damage from accidents and collisions. RestorFX can repair damage to your vehicle's clear-coat

Does RestorFX repaint cars?

RestorFX does not repaint vehicles. RestorFX restores a vehicle finish without repainting