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What is RestorFX?

RestorFX is a professional system that permanently restores automotive paint finishes through a disruptive technology with an accessible and complete business platform to build a legacy on.

How is it done?
What is the technology behind it?
How long has it been around?
What is a fluxcoat?

A fluxcoat is an active coating that permeates a substrate to catalyze a chemical reaction resulting in stable material singularity.

RestorFX is an aqueous fluxcoat that induces a chemical reactivation within an automotive surface on contact to directly repair damage, replicate desirable material properties, and enhance the original substrate into a pristine, restored condition as it solidifies into a singular, integral final material. This technology employed by the RestorFX process is collectively known as Polymimetic Surface Regeneration to deliver an incomparable restoration service through its Automotive Refinishing System product line.


All About RestorFX

All about restoration

What does RestorFX do?

RestorFX completely revitalizes and restores your paint to a like-new finish. Once treated with RestorFX, your vehicle will have a permanent durable finish that meets all industry standards for cleaning, servicing and maintenance.

What is Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR)?

Paintless Clearcoat Repair—also known as PCR—is the terminology we use in the industry to describe the type of service that RestorFX is. A RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Repair service is paint finish restoration and scratch repair without repainting.

How does RestorFX restore my vehicle's paint?

A polymimetic surface regeneration takes place. Through a chemical process, your vehicle's finish is repaired, replenished and restored without polishes or machines. RestorFX increases the depth and thickness of treated surfaces so the finish is flawless and restored.

How is RestorFX different from other industry methods for reconditioning and/or polishing my vehicle's paint?

Unlike traditional methods like machine polishing and buffing, RestorFX regenerates surface material that has been lost or removed by maintence methods like machine polishing. The RestorFX system allows for deeper scratches to be not only removed, but reversed through the RestorFX Polymimetic solution.

Is RestorFX a brand or a product?

Both. RestorFX is the name of the Company and the revolutionary Polymimetic Paint Restoration solution used to renew your vehicle's paint.

Is RestorFX permanent?

RestorFX is permanent. It uses chemical ingredients to activate, infuse and merge with your vehicle's original painted surface. When a RestorFX application is complete, it is chemically joined with the original surface.

Why choose RestorFX?

RestorFX is a more powerful method for restoring your vehicle's finish. It reverses signs of aging and years of damage, while regenerating lost surface material. Your paint is revived to a deep, rich and radiant finish, sometimes outperforming the original factory finish.

Can RestorFX fix paint that is peeling or heavily oxidized?

In some cases, RestorFX can completely reverse and repair the most damaged, oxidized, or peeling clear-coat. Though results are influenced by factors such as original surface quality and strength, RestorFX can greatly improve and sometime completely revive damaged surface conditions. These changes can save the vehicle's value and you can avoid costly body-shop repair and repainting.

Is RestorFX safe for any paint?

Yes. RestorFX is safe for any vehicle painted with an automotive grade finish. A RestorFX technician will ensure a vehicle is compatible with RestorFX processes prior to application.

Can you apply RestorFX to a new car? Is it good for a new car?

Yes. You can apply RestorFX to a new car, but the benefits may or may not be worthwhile. RestorFX is designed to treat and restore damaged and faded paint, so it is generally not recommended for new vehicles or vehicles in very good condition. Not sure? Have a RestorFX technician look at your vehicle and offer advice on which option may be best for you. It's our philosophy to always try and educate our clients about options available in the marketplace, rather than sell them our services. We focus on what we do best and if there's another way to better address the issue on your vehicle surface, we will discuss these different options with you.

What are the benefits of having a RestorFX finish as opposed to just polishing/paint correcting?

Like polishing or cut/buffing, RestorFX delivers exceptionally vivid and shiny paint and a smooth and mirror-like finish. However unlike the abrasive action of polishing, RestorFX regenerates surface volume and increases paint thickness and depth. The result is superior clarity, brilliance and definition that is comparable to the quality of top manufacturer finishes (e.g. Mercedes, Porsche and Lexus). RestorFX can be polished, waxed and treated like a standard automotive finish but is restorative, protective and durable.

How is RestorFX better than polishing, cutting, buffing/waxing or cut/buff?

RestorFX does not cut or shave away any thickness from your vehicle's paint, unlike abrasive mechanical methods like polishing and buffing. Instead, it increases and regenerates lost surface material; enhancing the original color, depth and definition of the surface; and returning clarity, depth, luster and shine to your vehicle's finish. It also removes 99% of all damage without the use of abrasives such as liquid compounds and polishes. The end result is a treated surface that is flawless and free of any external imperfections such as fine swirls or holograms. RestorFX is like resetting your car's paint back to like-new condition.

Are the results of RestorFX permanent?

Yes. The advanced polymimetic chemistry of RestorFX will bond and become one with the vehicle's original surface. RestorFX will last the duration of the life of the vehicle's original finish to increase longevity and durability.

How long will my vehicle look brand new?

Once cured, RestorFX is typically stronger and more resilient than the original manufacturer finish. Unexpected damage (paint chips, scratches, scuffs) still happens, so the finish must be maintained and cared for correctly over time. RestorFX offers many services and products to help you maintain and keep your vehicle protected and looking its best for years to come.

How much does RestorFX cost?

The cost of RestorFX depends on the services chosen for your vehicle. Find more information regarding the cost of each service option in the services section.

Where can I get my vehicle RestorFX'd?

RestorFX has many partners and professional technicians all over the world. Find your nearest RestorFX Center.

Guarantee Pledge

How can I take advantage of the RestorFX Guarantee Pledge?

In the event of a potential warranty claim, please provide a written description of the problem and product to RestorFX ​​​​​​​International at .

Is the RestorFX Guarantee Pledge transferrable?

No. The guarantee is good for as long you own your vehicle, but it is not transferrable.


Product Lines

The technology

How do I know which products are best for my vehicle?

Our passionate global network of professionals are experts in knowing which options are a fit for your vehicle. They can provide recommendations to make sure you select the right treatment. For information, visit your nearest RestorFX Center or inquire at

Automotive Refinishing

Is RestorFX permanent?

RestorFX is permanent. It will last the length of the original manufacturer finish. In some cases, it may outlast the original manufacturer finish.

How long does RestorFX last?

RestorFX is permanent and lasts the lifetime of the vehicle. It will often continue to shine and remain visible even after the vehicle is returned for recycling or disposal.

How many times can you have a RestorFX Treatment applied to your vehicle?

RestorFX may be applied as many times as desired over the life of a vehicle. Though usually only one RestorFX treatment is needed and/or recommended.

How do I care for my vehicle after a RestorFX treatment?

Once cured, RestorFX can be treated and maintained like a standard paint finish. You may wash, wax, polish, vinyl wrap or even repaint if necessary. RestorFX is 100% compliant with all other industry standard methods for cleaning, conditioning and maintenance.

Surface Protection

What does ClearFX mean for me?

ClearFX protects your vehicle's surface from minor blemishes and scratches that typically occur from exposure and daily use. Dirt and contaminates will rinse away and your vehicle's finish will remain radiant and unscathed for years.

How do I care for a vehicle that has ClearFX on it?

Due to the strength of ClearFX, not much maintenance or care is needed. Simply rinse and wash the vehicle regularly with mild detergent and water. Or, one of our many available global professionals can assist you in maintaining, washing and caring for your vehicle.

Why choose ClearFX over other protection solutions?

ClearFX is used in over 55 major countries. It is approved and used by Boeing on military and commercial aircraft for extreme protection and surface performance. Tested and used by a global network of professional and enthusiasts, ClearFX is a top tier industry protection product that outperforms many leading competitors in performance, longevity and strength.

Car Care

Where can I purchase Numbers line products?

Numbers is available at your nearest RestorFX Center or online at You can also email for more information.

How do I know which products from the Numbers line I need for my car?

There are many different products available in the Numbers line. Each product has a very different use. Information about how, when and why to use each product can be found online or inquire at

How do I use Numbers line?

The Numbers line is a series of automotive maintenance products. The directions for use are printed on the backside of each product label. Information regarding how to use each product can also be found and viewed online at Email for more information.

How long do Numbers line products last? Are they safe for my vehicle?

Each product in the Numbers product line has its own unique purpose–some clean and some protect. Information regarding specific length of performance and durability can be found online at or you may inquire at The longevity of the entire system is only temporary.



Our offerings

Is RestorFX just like detailing a car?

RestorFX isn't like detailing a car. It is an extensive system designed to restore and replenish your vehicle's original youthful or like-new appearance. RestorFX has many products and systems designed to restore, recondition and improve your vehicle inside and out. Review our services to learn more about available options for your vehicle.

What is Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR)?

Paintless Clearcoat Repair—also known as PCR—is the terminology we use in the industry to describe the type of service that RestorFX is. A RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Repair service is paint finish restoration and scratch repair without repainting.

Can I have the inside and outside of my vehicle restored?

The RestorFX polymimetic process for your automobile's exterior paint cannot be used for interior surfaces. For interiors, we use the Numbers line by RestorFX. It is an all-inclusive automotive maintenance line designed to replenish, revitalize and recondition an array of surfaces. Numbers will clean, condition and protect both the inside and exterior of your vehicle.

What is the difference between RestorFX and ClearFX?

RestorFX is an advanced surface restoration product, while ClearFX is an advanced surface protection line of products. Both offer tremendous results in each field of classification and industry performance. ClearFX strengthens and improves durability of any surface, including RestorFX's surfaces or standard paint finishes.

Does RestorFX fix scratches?

RestorFX repairs any scratch that is within the clear-coat layer of automotive painted surfaces. Any scratch that penetrates beyond the clear-coat and into the base color of the vehicle will not be removed 100%.

Does RestorFX repair body damage?

RestorFX doesn't repair damage from accidents and collisions. RestorFX can repair damage to your vehicle's clear-coat

Does RestorFX repaint cars?

RestorFX does not repaint vehicles. RestorFX restores a vehicle finish without repainting


Paintless Clearcoat Repair
Is RestorFX permanent?

RestorFX is permanent and will last the length of the original manufacturer finish. In some cases, it may outlast the original manufacturer finish.

How many times can you have a RestorFX treatment applied to your vehicle?

RestorFX can be applied as many times as desired. Usually only one RestorFX treatment is needed and/or recommended.

How long does RestorFX last?

RestorFX is permanent and lasts the lifetime of the vehicle. It will often continue to shine and remain visible even after the vehicle is returned for recycling or disposal.

How do I care for my vehicle after a RestorFX treatment?

Once treated, your vehicle can be maintained like a regular paint finish. You can wash, wax, polish, vinyl wrap or even repaint if necessary. RestorFX is 100% compliant with all industry standard methods for cleaning, conditioning and maintenance.

Headlight Restoration
Can RestorFX repair glass headlights?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of automotive glass and silicas, glass housed headlights or lenses cannot be restored or repaired.

Will the FX Headlight repair work on taillights and other lenses?

Yes, The RestorFX Headlight Repair system restores all automotive plastic and polycarbonate lens materials.

How long does the FX Headlight Repair last?

Due to variations in manufacturer process and material quality, the length of clarity or durability of a RestorFX headlight treatment will vary. With typical use and daily driving, you can expect the restored clarity and condition of your vehicle's lenses to remain reliable for a minimum of six months.

Will the FX Headlight repair system fix the inside of my headlight lens?

No. Due to vacuum requirements and moisture prevention inside the housing unit, the light must be remanufactured and cannot be repaired internally.

Trim Restoration
How long does the FX Trim repair last?

A RestorFX Trim treatment is permanent and will remain effective for the life of a vehicle. FX trim is susceptible to future fading brought on by, extensive washing, misuse, poor maintenance, or environmental conditions. The results of the restoration treatment will typically last for a minimum of six months.

Will FX Trim repair plastic that has turned white?

Yes. FX Trim is specifically designed to help restore plastic trim pieces that have faded or completely oxidized to white. Though results may vary, FX trim can greatly improve pale or white plastic.

Does the FX Trim repair treatment work on factory original grey colored plastic?

Yes. RestorFX can repair and restore factory grey plastics.

Paint Chip Repair
Can the RestorFX Paint System repair deep scratches?

Yes. The Paint Chip System can be effective at repairing or diminishing deep scratches that cannot be repaired with either RestorFX or traditional detailing methods.

How long does the Paint repair last?

All repairs are permanent and last for the duration of the vehicle's serviceable life.

Can the RestorFX Paint System repair small dents?

No. Due to the nature of dents and dings, the paint chip system alone cannot repair body damage. Paintless Dent Repair or body work may be needed prior to paint chip repair for best results.

Panel Work
Can RestorFX repair body damage?

No. RestorFX will only repair damage within the vehicle's clear-coat, but may also greatly reduce the visibility of body damage after completion.

Will RestorFX change the color of my paint?

RestorFX doesn't alter your vehicle's original paint. It enhances and improves the clarity of the original color.

Can RestorFX fix peeling or flaking paint/clear-coat?

RestorFX is not guaranteed to repair or fix peeling or flaking clear-coat but in some instances may be able to repair or greatly improve the visual appearance of such circumstances.

How long will RestorFX Last?

RestorFX when applied by a certified technician is permanent and will remain for the duration of the life of the vehicle.

Will RestorFX restore all of my vehicle's surfaces?

The RestorFX Polymimetic Surface Regeneration treatment is designed specifically for painted surfaces. Our knowledge and available product systems allow us to recondition and enhance a multitude of surfaces not limited to just paint, but other common materials such as chrome, plastic, rubber, etc

Can RestorFX repair scratches in chrome?

No. RestorFX is not intended for chrome repairs. Chrome can often be polished with a range of special compounds and solutions. Our technicians understand the requirements for cleaning and reconditioning several materials and can present a list of options to consider.


ClearFX Exterior
How long does ClearFX last?

ClearFX will last for a minimum of 2 years when applied by a certified ClearFX Installer or RestorFX Center. Results may vary depending on daily driving and typical use. ClearFX often will enhance and protect the vehicle for much longer than the 2-year period for 3 to 5 years.

Does ClearFX protect from deep scratches?

Although ClearFX greatly enhances and increases your vehicle's exterior resilience to typical moderate damage, it is not 100 percent damage proof. A vehicle treated with ClearFX is still susceptible to deep scratching or other forms of mechanical damage.

How many times can ClearFX be applied?

ClearFX can be applied as many times as desired. Generally, only the recommended double application (two applications of ClearFX) is necessary and recommended for maximum protection and results.

ClearFX Interior
Does ClearFX protect leather from scratching and cracking?

Yes. A leather interior treated with ClearFX is less susceptible to cracking and/or scratches caused by abrasive actions. ClearFX promotes flexibility and strength in the materials core structure by enhancing the materials exterior fascia with dense polymer chain chemistry that enhances both longevity and resistance to wear or soiling.

How long does ClearFX last?

ClearFX will continue to protect treated material for years if maintained correctly. Variances in material quality and use cause differences in longevity. Typically results will last for a minimum of 10-12 months.

ClearFX Wheels
Can you ClearFX any wheels?

ClearFX can be applied to all wheels painted with automotive grade materials. (epoxies, powder-coat, enamels, etc.)

How long does ClearFX Wheels last?

ClearFX enhances and protects your vehicle's wheels for years with special care and maintenance. As typical driving and daily use varies for each vehicle, longevity cannot be determined conclusively. Results will typically last for 10-12 months. To increase longevity, more treatments can be applied.

ClearFX Glass
How long does ClearFX Glass last?

Once applied, ClearFX will permanently alter and enhance glass surface conditions. Though susceptible to new damage, ClearFX will regenerate lost film thickness whilst applying an extremely hydrophobic top surface that is durable and easy to clean.

Will ClearFX repair damage in my vehicle's glass?

No. ClearFX is not intended to repair damaged surfaces. It is intended to treat and enhance glass surfaces.

ClearFX Trim
How long does ClearFX Trim last?

ClearFX Trim permanently improves and alters exterior automotive trim pieces. Though future fading and or damage may occur, ClearFX Trim strengthens the core material structure of plastic trim materials. The result is increased longevity, color fastness and UV resistance. As material qualities differ, results and longevity will vary.

Does ClearFX protect from future damage?

Yes. ClearFX blocks damage caused by UV radiation or elemental exposure but is not guaranteed to prevent it completely.

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