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Thank you for visiting us! We are a locally veteran-owned RestorFX Center that prides itself in bringing a product and service that you never knew existed. As pioneers in our industry, we bring astonishing results in a timeframe unmatched in the Carolinas. We bridge the gap that detailers could not fill and save you the money the body shop could not. With our technology, you never have to worry about someone buffing off your paint, burning through the clearcoat, or if the repaint will match the original color. We have found the key to bringing your car’s look and feel back to better than new by reversing the aging process. We look forward to greeting you at our front door and are eager to show you what we can do! Saturday by appointment only.

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We'd love the opportunity to discuss any type of damage on your car, help you understand all options that are out there and find the best possible solution to your needs with no obligation at all to avail of our services. At that time if you do decide to get your vehicle done, you can choose to leave it for same-day service depending on when you come in, or we can schedule it for another day.

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