Permanent, Practical Paint Restoration.

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All About Restoration

RestorFX completely addresses surface damage to permanently restore a vehicle's exterior without repainting. It maintains the integrity of an automobile by not cutting away vital clear coat and eliminates the need to repaint a car.

This solution saves you time and money by pushing the reset button on your vehicle's paint finish, bringing it back to new again.

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles and counting...

Formulated and tested over a 15-year period to work together consistently across various climates and extreme weather conditions, RestorFX is extensively used to process thousands of vehicles monthly at hundreds of RestorFX Centers in over 45 countries. This rich collection of history, rigorous laboratory methodology and vast real-world active coverage is globally proven and unmatched to make sure your vehicle gets the best surface it can.

From our labs to your car, there really is nothing like RestorFX—and it only keeps getting better from here.

Stable: ASTM D1308 Chemical Resistance Test
Does not lose any of its adhesion qualities despite being exposed to adverse chemicals
Durable: Pencil Hardness Test
More durable at 7H than even the highest-quality manufacturer paint finish, ensuring greater protection and long-lasting results
Protective: Elcometer Coating Thickness Test
Thicker at 9 µm than any other coating product on the market, delivering a more durable armor, longer-lasting depth and shine
Impervious: ASTM G151, 154 Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure Test
Resists elements equivalent to 6–7 years of extreme UV outdoor sunlight exposure, more than any other aftermarket coating, with less than 2% change in gloss retention on all horizontal and vertical surfaces (3–4 years of equivalent exposure for FX Headlight, more than any other aftermarket headlight coating)

What RestorFX means to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

For many decades there has been little progress and technological advancement in restoring or repairing damaged vehicle paint. To date there are two general categories—detailing options to maintain a vehicle, or body shop options to repair and repaint a vehicle after an accident. So how does RestorFX fit into all this?

The detailing industry's primary focus is to maintain a vehicle's cleanliness and appearance inside and out—something quite time consuming but necessary to keep a vehicle clean and presentable. With less and less durable new manufacturer paint finishes coming out over the years—from the older tried-and-true single-stage to today's 2-part paints—the need for scratch repair and restoration keeps on increasing. To remedy this degradation of paint quality, the detailing industry gradually developed a variety of paint correction methods that cut away clear coat to try and achieve a fresh and shiny surface. However, this "fix" poses a major problem, because it shaves off extremely vital clear coat that is supposed to be there to protect the very surface being repaired. Although this technique is useful for minor damage, it can only be done so many times before there will be nothing left of the paint finish. For any more major damage than light swirl marks and hairline scratches, this approach will not only take hours and even days to cut away, but it is quite limited to actually repair and restore the surface. Detailing will always be vital way to maintain a vehicle's everyday needs for cleanliness, but it is not an efficient way to restore or fix clear coat damage.

In contrast, the body shop industry's primary focus is to repair major damage on any part of the exterior of a vehicle—whether it be an accident, rust or integrity issues. However, to use repainting as a way to restore or fix clear coat damage is extremely time-consuming and costly; and anytime a vehicle is repainted no matter what the issue, its integrity is lost.

RestorFX gives a whole new option to restore, fix and push the reset button on a vehicle's paint—with a turnaround time like a detail shop but able to permanently fix more damage like a body shop.

All three options have their place in the market—RestorFX may not be suitable for all situations, but its emerging new technology provides a whole new ability to solve problems in the marketplace.


Does RestorFX protect a vehicle?

RestorFX by nature is a restoration service. When the word "protection" is used, what often comes to mind is some sort of topical or sacrificial layer applied on top of a vehicle paint to help protect and armor it—whether it be a wax, paint sealant or ceramic coating. In this case then, no! RestorFX is not at all a protection product.

To better answer this question though, the layers that make up a paint finish on vehicles these days will need to be understood first. It all starts with metal, and primer gets sprayed over the metal and is technically used to both prepare the metal for paint AND protect the metal. Then paint gets sprayed over primer to add color, and then clear coat gets sprayed over the paint to protect the paint. All aspects of a paint finish are protecting the layer underneath itself.

RestorFX adds at least 9 microns of vital surface material to restore and technically PROTECT the paint finish below, restoring and upgrading a vehicle's finish to a new, harder and more UV-resistant surface. Although still using the original paint finish as its final substrate, RestorFX does in fact add more depth, and RestorFX becomes a protective layer and armor over the vehicle's paint together with the rest of the paint finish. So YES, in this case, RestorFX also protects.


How long does RestorFX last?

RestorFX's fluxcoat technology is a permanent restoration treatment. Once RestorFX cures it will bond and become one with the original paint finish; and any existing damage that was repaired during the treatment process is permanently repaired, guaranteed.

RestorFX, once cured, will be extremely durable and oftentimes more durable and resistant then even the best manufacturer paint finishes. However, just like all new paint finishes, RestorFX is also subject to new wear and tear as it gets used over time.

RestorFX gives vehicles new life, like pushing the reset button on your paint finish and bringing it back to new again.

After each delivery, an aftercare sheet is provided to lay out the best practices for maintaining a pristine finish for as long as possible. Following these recommendations will ultimately be the best way to get the most longevity out of a brand new RestorFX treatment.


How RestorFX Works

RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Repair vs. Original Clear Coat and Polished and Waxed

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What does RestorFX do?

RestorFX completely revitalizes and restores your paint to a like-new finish. Once treated with RestorFX, your vehicle will have a permanent durable finish that meets all industry standards for cleaning, servicing and maintenance.

Is RestorFX permanent?

RestorFX is permanent. It will last the length of the original manufacturer finish. In some cases, it may outlast the original manufacturer finish.

How long does RestorFX last?

RestorFX is permanent and lasts the lifetime of the vehicle. It will often continue to shine and remain visible even after the vehicle is returned for recycling or disposal.

How many times can you have a RestorFX Treatment applied to your vehicle?

RestorFX may be applied as many times as desired over the life of a vehicle. Though usually only one RestorFX treatment is needed and/or recommended.