Owning a RestorFX Center

RestorFX offers more than an innovative service; it offers the freedom to create a business completely your own.

Build a Business That Makes You Proud

The qualifications to own a RestorFX center are not based on you fitting a typical franchise model or even knowing a lot about cars, but  whether you fit our culture and dedication to quality.

Our goal is to create an opportunity for you – our business owners, giving you a chance to create your own future. Your bonus is being able to deliver real results to your customers through one of the most advanced automotive services on the market.

Our Ideal RestorFX Owner

You are passionate

about quality, relationships, and growing a successful business.

You have experience

in sales or marketing (but not necessarily automotive knowledge).

You are looking

for an opportunity to build your own business and create the future you want.

RestorFX: Not Your Regular Automotive Shop

RestorFX is not an auto body shop or a detailing shop, but a new kind of restoration that lands right in the middle, crafting a whole new market under the SMART Repair industry.

Rather than replacing auto body and detailing shops, we created a radically new, cost-effective, and reliable option that allows you to build a business in an unsaturated market. From the results of our product to the shop itself, we are creating an auto experience far from the traditional. Instead, we bring you a service that is pristine and a reflection of everything our service stands for.

Our product caters to a wide audience. From car enthusiasts, to those wanting to breath new life into a used vehicle they just purchased or want to sell, to those simply wanting to undo the damage caused by years of washing, oxidation or wear and tear; your opportunity for growth is immense.

How RestorFX Will Support You

With RestorFX Centers already established all around the world, our team is ready to support new partners with our extensive expertise, education programs and guidelines to help your RestorFX Center take off.

Here’s How We Help:

  • Location & Layout Assistance

    From recommended location specs to center layout and workflow examples, we will guide you as you build an efficient and effective operation.

  • Product Access & Supplier Guidance

    In addition to exclusive access to RestorFX products and application, you’ll receive a list of approved vendors and suppliers for all equipment, products, supplies and services, starting with your initial inventories and continuing as you grow your operations.

  • Multi-Media, Multi-Format Training

    A wide variety of tools and sessions that you and your technicians need to deliver stunning results

  • Complete Operations Manual

    Documented and well-developed operating systems and established business functions including job costing, product application, customer service, financial, reporting, and much more

  • Reliable Ongoing Guidance

    From an assigned support representative who is there to answer your questions, to webinars, refresher training and other key tools, we are there to support you past your initial setup days.

  • Professional Marketing Support

    To help you create real success, we include high-end marketing materials, brand guidelines and campaign samples, all in a toolkit that’s customized for your business.

We Take Our Relationships Seriously

Our comprehensive resources and always-on support model are designed to help franchise owners achieve their business goals in the most efficient way possible. You can be assured that you get the control and ownership of your business, while always being backed by a strong support that wants to see you succeed.

There will always be frequently asked questions, right?