Expand your portfolio and create new revenue opportunities as a RestorFX Exclusive Distributor.

Being a Distributor for RestorFX presents an unparalleled opportunity to grow and establish a revolutionary product and service over a large, exclusive region. Distributors are granted exclusive licenses over their territories along with much discretion for how to proceed with the business.

RestorFX is continually refining its logistical and legal systems to comply with the complexities of operating a multinational manufacturing company. As RestorFX continues to grow, valuable distributor partnerships are needed to help expanded the company’s reach and influence even further.

Why become a RestorFX Distributor?

Unique value: RestorFX has pioneered a technology that is vastly different than anything else in the market.

Increased profit potential: Exclusive distributor contracts and territories can significantly increase market share and profits.

Cutting edge technology: RestorFX is a leader in the automotive chemical industry, maintaining this position with continuous testing and refinement.

Worldwide brand recognition: Across the world in the automotive industry RestorFX has built a reputation as the automotive refinishing system.

Access to new markets: RestorFX offers a niche product line that can open up entirely new markets and revenue streams.

Real partnership: RestorFX assists each distributor partner in developing their market strategy, with proven success.