Pursue Your Passion With Us

Start a RestorFX Center and obtain the freedom to pursue the passion that drives you.

Who We Are

A brand that lives on innovation, passion, and people.

In 2001, our founders Nadia and Alexander Kay wanted to find a solution for the automobile industry that provided used vehicle owners with a value-driven alternative to expensive repaint work and temporary detailing options. After 15 years of research and trial, the RestorFX® automotive refinishing system has been fine-tuned to become the best automotive paint restoration system available; now recognized around the world as the most cost-effective solution for permanent and amazing results. A rapidly growing brand, RestorFX has become a staple of the automotive industry.

Our transition into franchising is less about pure growth and more about our desire to completely revolutionize the industry. We want everyone to have the chance to experience the power of RestorFX for themselves, and the best way to do this is to share our knowledge and experience of the process with those passionate about owning and operating their own Center.

Today, RestorFX processes thousands of vehicles monthly at hundreds of RestorFX Centers in over 45 countries. Our goal is to continue to expand the system, making it available in every major community.

Pillars of RestorFX


RestorFX is an innovative technology, researched and tested over years in order to bring the absolute best service to vehicle owners.


RestorFX is a product that is cost-effective, successful, environmentally-friendly and unique to the automotive restoration industry.


RestorFX is a service that puts relationships and people first, meaning we work hard to be efficient, genuine and respectful to our global RestorFX community and customers in every interaction.


RestorFX is a memorable experience for our customers – from the results of our service to the experience in our Centers – that lasts with people long after they leave with their vehicle.


RestorFX is a community of enthusiastic business minds who deeply care about the integrity of their business and the success of all those involved in the brand.

A Passionate Culture + Supportive Business Model

Just like our product, our culture doesn’t fit the regular mold – we aren’t like your typical franchise. We focus on quality first and not just growth; on supporting you first, not just adding more RestorFX Centers.

When so many passionate people that genuinely care and support one another are brought together, this creates a community that is electric. Despite being spread around the world, our Center owners and their employees have easy ways of staying connected, encouraging one another through the process of growing a business.

Because we are so passionate about what our services bring to our customers, joining our team means you get the same kind of enthusiasm from us. We provide each owner with the ability to leverage our branded, state-of-the-art operational systems; our entire selection of products; in-depth training for all employees; developed marketing packages; and ongoing support from leadership and the global community so you can build the business you’ve always wanted.

As a RestorFX Owner You Gain:

  • The chance to build your own business with a strong ongoing support system to help you in being successful.
  • The opportunity to work with an innovative, environmentally-friendly and proven product that is transforming the global automotive industry.
  • A global community of passionate business owners who want to connect and see each other succeed.
  • A quality product offering that is proven, innovative and successful, making it easy for you to stand behind it and stand out from the competition.

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